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Service 1001 - Find your truck, car or motorcycle auto service (repair shop)

Service1001.com is the first global platform connecting auto services for all kind of vehicles and customers.

More and more people are travelling and changing their residence nowadays. This website is the fastest way to find the exact auto service you need for your car, truck or motorcycle.

On the other side you can start a new business or promote your own by getting in contact with millions of people. For such a low cost you can improve your existing auto service efficiency and fulfill your free time.





Do you have auto service for trucks, cars or motorcycles?

Why register with us?

  1. To reach customers of all nationalities
  2. To easily publish promotional offers
  3. To optimize your work time
  4. To keep track of your future customers
  5. To save on ads

What do we offer?

  1. Profile of your auto service on our site
  2. Getting you to the highest position in Google
  3. Showing you on our special map
  4. Showing in our mobile apps for Android and iPhone

How does Service1001.com work?

  1. Register with your e-mail
  2. Fill in as much data as possible for your auto service

First month is free of charge.


How it works

Normal users

Search for auto services

1. Type "service1001.com" in your browser

2. Click "Find me" (allow location if you are asked)

3. Choose from auto services shown on the map

4. Scroll down to see their profile

You can download our app for Android or iPhone.

Auto service owners

Manage your auto services

1. Log in

2. Go to section "Your Auto Service" in the left side menu

3. Scroll down and click "edit" on auto service you want to manage

4. Fill in as many fields as you can so that google recognizes you more

5. Click Save

6. Click "view" and see full profile look like

Affiliate Partners

Manage accounts of аuto service owners

1. Log in

2. Go to section "Accounts" 

3. Create new or edit existing

4. Create/Change password for your client

Benefits & Prices

I'm registering as an affiliate partner

If you register as a partner, you can earn up to 30% of each auto service you find. In order to get paid, auto services you have registered should pay monthly fees. Your revenue depends on the number of your paid auto services:

Minimum 10 auto services 10%
Minimum 20 auto services 20%
Minimum 30 auto services 30%

10% - You will be paid this percentage of all payments, your 1st level affiliates have sold. 1st level are the affiliates you create by yourself.

10% - You will be paid this percentage of all payments, your 2nd level affiliates have sold. 2nd level are the affiliates your 1st level affiliates create.


I'm registering as an auto service owner

You are managing an auto service and want to find more clients? You should add your auto service here! Our prices are:

First month is free!
1 month 10 EUR
11 USD   9 GBP   20 BGN  
3 months
½ month free
25 EUR
28 USD   23 GBP   50 BGN  
6 months
1 month free
49 EUR
54 USD   44 GBP   98 BGN  
12 months
3 months free
89 EUR
98 USD   80 GBP   178 BGN  


I'm registering as normal user

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