Car road assistance Пътна Помощ Албена Експрес ЕООД in Sofia, Bulgaria

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Providing professional and high-quality 24-hour roadside assistance is a typical service. Which other company in the industry can not offer you. To solve this problem, our company has the necessary specialized machinery and professional equipment. Our highly experienced professionals are at your disposal 24 hours a day to solve all your problems. 24-hour road assistance Albena Express, provides high quality and qualified services for your vehicles. The main activity of the company is road assistance. Road Assistance Albena Express provides various types of services mainly related to the transport and repatriation of motor vehicles and construction equipment. Employees of our company provide technical assistance with a specialized minibus to repair damage on the spot. Automotive transport is one of the most important industries in the global industry. Without it the existence of mankind would be unthinkable in the modern way of life. Automobile transport is a combination of car and freight transport to different parts of the world. The company guarantees safety and quality in car transport.

Пътна Помощ Албена Експрес ЕООД is Car road assistance. It is located in Sofia, Bulgaria. You can talk to us in the local language.

Пътна Помощ Албена Експрес ЕООД is open Mon-Fri 00:00 - 00:00, Saturday 00:00 - 00:00, Sunday 00:00 - 00:00 and is specialized in Road assistance, Repatriation.

You can call us on mobile 003590899799999

We accept cash payments.

Name:Пътна Помощ Албена Експрес ЕООД
Your Latitude:42.7015
Your Longitude:23.331
Address:бул. „княз Александър Дондуков“ 34
Mobile: 00359 0899799999
Working time:
Road assistance, Repatriation

Road assistance, Repatriation

1. Transports cars, trucks and motorcycles broken on the road to the closest repair shop.

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