Car auto service (repair shop) ATP - Automotive Deva in Deva, Romania

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ATP - Automotive Deva is Car auto service (repair shop). It is located in Deva, Romania. You can talk to us in the local language.

ATP - Automotive Deva has standard working hours and is specialized in Main repairs.

You can call us by a landline phone +40 254 234 175.

We accept cash payments.

Name:ATP - Automotive Deva
Your Latitude:45.8665
Your Longitude:22.9223
Address:Calea Zarandului, nr. 246
Phone: +40 254 234 175
Main repairs

Main repairs

Basic repairs of vehicules, starting from changing oil and wipers up to changing brake pads, brake disks, starters and others.

DO NOT INCLUDE: disassmble cluthces, camshafts and specialized engine repairs.

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