How to

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Manage your auto services

1. Log in

2. Go to section "Your Auto Service" in the left side menu

3. Scroll down and click "edit" on auto service you want to manage

4. Fill in as many fields as you can so that google recognizes you more

5. Click Save

6. Click "view" and see full profile look like

Publish promotions

1. Log in

2. Go to section "Promotions" in the left side bar

3. Click on "Create new promotion" or "edit" to manage an old one

4. Fill in "Title" and add text to describe more.

5. Choose auto service linked with this promotion, spoken language and check "Active" below

6. Click "Submit"

7. View it in your service profile

Explanation how the software works, and the buttons you use.

1. Log in

2. То create service booklet use following buttons:

"My vehicles", "Accounts" и "Accounting"

3. Using "My request" button you can fill in repairs already done without creating an invoice.(lreciept)

How to create new user and how to create profile of his vehicle for online service booklet.